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It's 2021. This site is customizable

You can customize your experience in this site.

The same way you can customize your reading experience in Notion or in Safari with some newspapers websites, why can't this be possible in any other website? Nowadays people talk a lot about accessibility, and I strongly believe this have to include the flexibility of your site to adapt to the user's preferences.

It is ok if you do a lot of research on which is the best typography for texts; serif/sans-serif, the size of the text... But what if the user prefers to read in serif instead of sans-serif? That's why I've decided to allow the users reading or experiencing this website to customize their experience to their preferences, which are saved for whenever they want to come back and read more (unless you intentionally remove your preferences from local storage of horse...).

Right now there are just a few preferences:

  • light/dark theme
  • titles serif/sans-serif
  • text serif/sans-serif
  • text size

The idea is to add more site settings, such as more variety of fonts to choose, more themes, etc.

You can check all the current preferences here .

📣If you've found something missing, something wrong or something that could be improved in this post, please drop a pull request in the site's repo or email me at